Helping to make your pregnancy and the birth and care of your baby a healthy and happy experience for you and your partner.

Replacing questions with confidence

From what to eat and how to exercise, to questions about testing, medical interventions, breastfeeding and where and how to labour, you are responsible for a range of choices that affect your pregnancy and the birth and care of your baby.

Our evidence-based prenatal program and baby care classes provide you and your partner with a toolkit of information and personalized strategies to help you make informed choices together.

Partner-coached support

We believe that your partner is an integral part of your health and baby care team. We provide tools and training to help them be an active participant and lifelong advocate.

Comprehensive and current information

We believe that information matters. Our programs and classes help you and your partner navigate choices and learn how to ask the right questions at the right time.

Interactive and personalized guidance

We believe that every pregnancy is unique. We encourage discussion and support you and your partner throughout your decision-making process.

Open, friendly and respectful environment

We believe that you know your body and baby best. We promote sharing, allow time for reflection, appreciate your feedback and care about your needs…

And enjoy lots of laughs along the way.

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